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Faith Is Our Foundation

“This is God’s work. It makes blisters and it makes sweat, but it’s worth my time and it’s worth your time…. Working together as God’s people in the world; I don’t know of anything more rewarding.”

Millard Fuller – Habitat for Humanity Founder

Our Mission

The mission of Habitat for Humanity is seeking to put God’s love into action, by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.  We envision a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

Habitat in the Roanoke Valley was started in 1986 by members of a local church and has built over 260 homes since its beginning.  We have relied on countless churches to work with Habitat in our community.

Invest Yourself. Keep the Change.

  • Pray
  • Build
  • Donate
  • Provide lunches
  • Work at the Restore
  • Raise money and awareness
  • Become aware of those in your congregation who may be living in inadequate housing and help and encourage them to apply for a Habitat home.


We are deeply convinced that the words of Psalm 127 are fundamentally true:

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”

Here’s How To Start

  • Talk to one another and get a group of interested people in your congregation.
  • Contact Habitat for more information through Gina Dunnavant.
  • Schedule a Habitat speaker to engage one of your mission committees
  • Sign up for workdays or other volunteer opportunities

Benefits for your Church

  • Find new ways to put your faith into action
  • Build community within your members
  • Love your Neighbor in a very tangible way
  • Do mission work right in your own town
  • Attract new members who see your work in the community
  • Learn new skills and have fun doing it!

Apostle Build

Every other year, 10-20 local churches partner together to sponsor a Habitat Home, and we call this the Apostle Build. Each church gives a financial gift and the funds from each church are pooled together to sponsor a home. Participating churches can then send groups to work on this home and take part in the kick-off and dedication ceremonies.